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A charitable organization that delivers enriching sports and fitness, arts, research and education, and life skills opportunities for people of all ages and abilities.

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Abilities Centre Classes


Abilities Centre Programs are designed to be inclusive of all abilities.

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Drop-in Fitness | Active Living | Specialty Fitness Classes | Preschool | Youth and Family

We're so proud to offer amazing programs here at the AC. We worked hard to develop some of these original programs, and we love seeing the huge difference they make in our participants. 

These programs help us stand out, and we're so pleased to offer them to everyone, especially as some of them cover areas of the community where there is nothing offered. 

Take a look and see what the Abilities Centre has to offer!

As an Abilities Centre member, you have access to a range of great classes and workshops that come included with your membership. With everything from group fitness classes to expert-led arts tutorials, there is something for every interest.

Drop-in Programs
Body Sculpt
combines fun cardio workouts with specific muscle conditioning. Enjoy the music, feel the burn, and push your limits.
Cardio Pump
is total body workout that offers heart pumping cardio exercises and weight training.
Core Concepts 
is designed for those troublesome areas! This class offers a wide variety of exercises using resistance bands.
Zumba Dance Party 
is a combination of choreographed aerobic dance moves.  Have fun learning the moves  and get a great work out!
High Intensity Interval Training. Alternating shorts periods of intense anaerobic exercise  with lower intensity recovery periods.  Resistance training may also be mixed into this class.
Mom and Baby Fitness
This class is especially designed for parents and babies under 2 years. Classic fitness exercises are offered with fun variations incorporating free weights. 
Respiratory & Cardiac Maintenance
is a post rehabilitation program that provides supervised exercise classes for individuals who have chronic lung or cardiac conditions. Physician referral required.
Strength & Stretch
is a lower impact class ideal for those who are new to or returning to regular exercise.  Focusing on increasing total body strength, flexibility, and range of motion as well as stamina and endurance.
Stroller Fit
is specifically for those individuals with one or two stroller aged children. This class contains cardio components and resistance training.  All fitness levels welcome.
is choreographed HIIT training that works to the beat of the music. This high intensity combination includes cardio and muscle conditioning all using your own body weight.
challenge yourself by SWITCHing between low to high intensity exercises. This unique format is fast paced and includes cardio, weights, core, and balance exercises.
Tai Chi 
Slow, rhythmic movements calm the body and the mind, gently relaxing points of tension, offering an exhilarating yet peaceful and holistic approach to exercise.
Total Body Circuit
A bar and plates workout designed to tone your entire body
while focusing on strength conditioning at your own pace.
60 minutes of an all over body workout . Components of Cardio, Strength and Core for 20 mins each


Series of interval sprints, jogs, climbs, and endurance drills. When your body works the bike, the bike works your body!
This class will be 45min of sprints, climbs and teaching your mind and body how to push past that edge.
This interval based class simulates real riding and will take you through various intensity zones.
This class is a higher energy cycle class that offers upper body movement on the bike.
ICG Coach by Colour®
This 30 minute spin class uses the ICG   bikes MyRide virtual coach to lead you through a challenging and engaging workout.
Spin n’ Sculpt
This class combines a 25 minute cycle with 20 minutes of core/upper   body exercises that will push you to reach your maximum goal.



This class will help you control your body, as you move through traditional yoga postures and poses using conscious breathing and mental focus.

Seated Yoga
This class involves a gentle form of yoga performed in a sitting position and aims to help you clear your mind and relax your body, while you enjoy a full body stretch.
Experience your connection between breath & movement, expand your mind & spirit with grace, while feeling the balance of mind, body & spirit.

Parents or Guardians of children under the age of 12 must remain within the Abilities Centre facility while their children participate in any membership inclusion program. When not participating in a supervised program, children under 12 must be directly supervised by parent or guardian of 18+ at all times.

Family, Child and Youth 
Child Sports & Games (CSG)(6-11yrs)(2-5yrs) In this supervised activity time, children are exposed to a variety of sports, adapted activities, cooperative games with themes like: Net Games, Movement Games, Target Games, Team Games while using their imagination.
Learn and Grow Preschool (2-5 yrs) 
Open to children of all abilities the structured hour classes will focus on arts, physical literacy and social skill building. Children will be provided a variety of fun activities to enhance and develop their skills. Themes include : Alphabet Art, Tiny Tumblers, Artists in Motion, Play & Move and more!
Drop-in Court Activities (all ages) Badminton, pickleball, basketball, boccia are open to singles, doubles and families. Be as competitive or as casual as you like with your opponent!