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A charitable organization that delivers enriching sports and fitness, arts, research and education, and life skills opportunities for people of all ages and abilities.

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Personal Training

We all have busy lives, experience obstacles and barriers that challenge us to achieve our health & fitness goals. Our Personal Training and Coaching staff will challenge, motivate, and guide you or your team through an instructional program designed specifically for your goals! Begin your healthy lifestyle today and start getting the results you want!

Personal Training Brochure


Specialty Fitness Classes:

Start dates may vary please contact the Fitness department for session start dates and to register!

Yoga Therapy (all ages)
This 1-1 session with a certified Yoga Therapist. Yoga therapy treats the person, not the disease/condition Yoga Therapy offers a lifestyle approach that compliments this model. Health must be approached from a comprehensive, whole a persons point of view to address lifestyle, personality, and mind-body relationship. Each bodypart and organ has role to play however, they cannot play in isolation.

TRX (12 + yrs)
Our certified TRX trainers will take you through our TRX Suspension Trainer equipment to help you complete a full-body workout and build a rock-solid core.

Ultimate Bootcamp (12 + yrs) 

Easy to follow and very effective, the Ultimate Bootcamp offers a variety of different stations from ropes, barbells, resistance bands andmore. 6 week session.

Youth Fitness & Nutrition (12 - 14 yrs)
Join our Certified Coaches as they guide you through a 4 week course learning how the body functions, with safe techniques while working out. Also learning the importance of health eating, eating for your body. This course will qualify you to workout in the cardio area as well as the HUR fitness room. 

5 reasons to have a personal trainer! 1. Mix it up  Trainers use a variety of effective workouts  based upon your specific goals. 2. Teaching vs. Showing  Instead of only showing you how to use exercise machines,  a trainer will teach you principles of exercise that will stay  with you for the rest of your life.  3. Set-a-pace Through professional guidance, trainers will teach you what  pace and intensity level is required to get into great shape.  4. Turn weakness into strengths  Trainers have the opportunity to see where your weaknesses and strengths are, to develop a program specific to your needs. 5. Accountability Trainers provide necessary support and motivation to  maximize results!

If you would like more information on our Personal Training & Nutrition Programs, please contact:

Samara Beard
Supervisor, Health & Wellness
905-665-8500 Ext: 202




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