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A charitable organization that delivers enriching sports and fitness, arts, research and education, and life skills opportunities for people of all ages and abilities.

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Therapeutic Recreation

What is Therapeutic Recreation and how will it benefit YOU?

Recreational therapists use recreation to help people reach their goals similar to how a doctor prescribes antibiotics to heal a sickness. Social events, arts & music programming, physical activity sessions, and community involvement are just a few examples of how this is accomplished.

Therapeutic Recreation was designed to work one-on-one with people of all abilities to develop and maintain their quality of life and feel the many benefits of participating in recreational activities, based on a personalized assessment of one’s needs and wants. Recreation covers so much, so it’s ideal for anyone looking to improve their abilities and be social and have fun, no matter how big or how small the goal. TR is a really valuable program for its participants due to the constant evaluations and research to ensure success. Because it identifies gaps and works to solve them, TR can also be tied to other programs at the Abilities Centre.


Therapeutic Recreation professionals will work with you to complete a personalized assessment (find out what you need), develop and implement a program (design activities to do) and evaluate its success (see if it works). These steps are vital to helping you accomplish your personalized goals! There are many benefits to taking part in recreation that many people don’t even realize. And Therapeutic Recreation is more than just assessments and program planning. It means spending time with others, being active, creative, and social!

TR professionals Adam and Kelsey (see below) have introduced this unique program to the Abilities Centre and they want to hear from you. This innovative program will take advantage of the wide range of equipment and resources that the Abilities Centre has to offer. It will be designed not only to help you reach your full potential but to have fun while doing it!

Please take a minute to go online using the link above and fill out the survey to tell us about what your ideal Therapeutic Recreation program would look like. If you don't have access to a computer (or would prefer a paper copy), let us know and we can provide a printed copy of the survey. 


Meet Adam

Adam has been working at the Abilities Centre since 2012 as a Personal Trainer and an Instructor within the Thrive program. He has a Diploma in Fitness and Health Promotion and a Degree in Therapeutic Recreation from Seneca College. Adam believes that a contributing factor to achieving a healthy lifestyle is finding enjoyment and meaningful activities. You can usually find Adam leading fitness programs in the Field House or interacting with the Thrive participants in all of their exciting programming throughout the day!

Meet Kelsey

Kelsey fell in love with the Thrive program while completing her student placement at the Abilities Centre in 2013.  She has a Diploma in Recreation and Leisure Services as well as Therapeutic Recreation from Fleming College. In her current role as the Lead, Thrive Adult Day Program, you can find Kelsey engaging with Thrive participants or tending to the many things that make the Thrive program great! Kelsey believes that no matter your level of ability, if you work hard and have a positive attitude, absolutely anything is possible!