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A charitable organization that delivers enriching sports and fitness, arts, research and education, and life skills opportunities for people of all ages and abilities.

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Therapeutic Recreation

What is Therapeutic Recreation and how will it benefit YOU?

TR is a process that uses functional intervention, education and recreation participation to enable persons with physical, cognitive, emotional and/or social limitations to enjoy social and recreation activities, become more independent, develop life skills, and participate in their community. TR activities and learnings include sports, physical literacy, arts, music, and social games. Drawing on individual strengths and experiences, the TR (Therapeutic Recreation) professional works with people of all abilities to maintain and acquire new skills that will help them participate in activities of daily living, or participate outside in recreation activities. TR staff work with participants to determine what they need/want (assessment), design activities to participate in/learn about new skills (implementation/education) and watch how far you come (evaluation)!

What are your Goals?

If you are looking to explore recreation and leisure, please see below:

1. Employment Pathways and Volunteer Skills

This service is geared toward individuals who are interested in obtaining skills related to working and volunteering. TR staff help individuals identify meaningful and appropriate pathways related to employment. Some examples of session topics are help with resume building/ job applications, tips on appropriate behaviour in the workplace and opportunities to put skills into practise around the Abilities Centre.

2. Recreation and Leisure Pursuits

This service is for individuals who are looking to broaden the scope of their recreation and leisure interests. TR staff will work with individuals to help them identify new and exciting initiatives relating to activities. Some examples of sessions could be learning the skills to return to sport, becoming involved in recreation at Abilities Centre and learning about what’s available in our communities. Participants will also experience leisure groups and events within the Abilities Centre.

3. Social Recreation and Life Skills

This service is for individuals who are looking to improve their communication, social interaction skills and looking to change their perspective regarding attitude and mindset. TR staff will help individuals succeed through interactive programming and goal setting. Some examples include programming around activities of daily living, opportunities to build/ improve relationships with peers and feel a part of their community.

Pricing Options:

(# of participants: Rec Therapist)

1:1 - 1 session $40.00/participant
2:1 - 1 session $25.00/participant
3:1 - 1 session $20.00/participant
4:1 - 1 session $18.00 /participant

Watch the video below to learn more-

For more information, please contact:
Adam Fitzpatrick- R/TRO, CSEP PT
Supervisor, Physical Literacy
905-665-8500 ext 222